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About MeHey, welcome to #Pidgethink!

All my life I’ve been passionate about learning. I can still remember when I had finished high school and was excited to go to University! I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life at that stage. I decided to study a Bachelor of Arts, and chose to major in Psychology and Sociology – two areas that were, and still are, a fascination to me.

Well, after nearly twenty years mostly working in hospitality, I have chosen to go back to Uni, this time studying my Bachelor of Business, major in HRM. I’ve also commenced my Diploma of Languages in Japanese this year, which is really challenging and interesting. So in the last two years as a mature age student, returning to study, I have learned so many things, and this is really what inspired me to want to find a way to pass on what I’ve learned to those who are on a simliar journey.

Why #Pidgethink?

If I were to boil down the main challenging faced by most students at University into three things, I would say they are these:

  1. Aiming to achieve the greatest results that you can;
  2. Managing your lifestyle and diet in a way that supports that;
  3. Figuring out how to do more with less under time pressure and a limited student budget.

All of these challenges are quite interelated. Especially this year, I’ve started to gain a real foothold in organising my life to do all of that – while at the same time, having fun and making great friendships along the journey! This is what I want to create through #Pidgethink!

Achieve More with Less!

I know that one of my greatest assets in my life, both generally and especially as a student, are the friendships and connections that I’ve made. My greatest results in learning have come when I’ve been connected with fellow students who have the same passion and motivation as me to reach their best.

This kind of community creates a feedback loop, where the energy we share with one another really gets appreciated, and this appreciation causes us to transcend the limitations of our self-motivation (which has its limits) and draws out energy and motivation and excitement that we never even knew was there!

We all know that a healthy mind works best in a healthy body. Being connected to good sources of inspiration and motivation are crucial, just as having a regular supply of good food and time allocated to the simple things like exercise and recreation.

And above all, I know from experience that as a student, we are often under a lot of time pressure – classes and assessments, let alone maybe your job too – and regularly find ourselves strapped for cash. So how do we balance this reality that we face with our aspirations to achieve and be healthy and energised?

Well, there are simple ways that we can do that, and I’m forever on the Journey to discover ways to “do more with less,” a simple concept but one with profound implications for the planet at large, I’d say!

So I can relate!

I am passionate to want to connect and share what I’ve learned with others who have similar passions and aspirations as students, and my greatest satisfaction is from seeing others do great for themselves. And along the way, as a leading learner, I always learn so much too from the lessons my friends are learning on their own journey.

Why Not Reach Out?

Can you relate? Are you wanting to achieve great results at Uni, but still have a life, fun and friends? Do you know deep down that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet are important to achieve that, and want support in figuring out how you can make that work for you? Do you find it hard to manage all of that with limited time and a tight budget?

Well, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Or better yet, fill out my short survey (it is literally less than a minute!) and, if you’d like, I’ll be able to get back to you to see how I can help you on Your Student Journey!

All the best,

Steven Pidgeon (“Pidge”)


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  1. Love your ’10 Things that require Zero Talent’ list.

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