Roger James Hamilton – Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Founder of GeniusU Entrepreneurship Movement

I first encountered Wealth Dynamics through a fellow student who invited me to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 in Brisbane. I can honestly say that the insights that I have gained since through the Entrepreneurs Institute and the various assessments offered has changed my life and my outlook on my business, personal branding and entrepreneurship.

I am now an active member of the GeniusU network, and am very excited to be able to Partner with Entrepreneurs’ Institute to help spread the word about the great benefit that you can gain through taking the Wealth and Talent Dynamics assessments.

Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading profiling test for entrepreneurs.

Take the test to find which of the 8 entrepreneurial paths best fits your natural strengths. The Wealth Spectrum test will give you a clear picture of which of 9 levels along your path you are currently at.

Talent Dynamics is the Number One business development pathway for accelerating Trust and Flow.

It is the only profiling system that builds self awareness and emotional intelligence, leadership capability AND more importantly, has a direct impact on financial results.

Talent Dynamics is a comprehensive and innovative business development tool that:

  • Identifies individual talents within your team
  • Assists you to align accountability of team members to their talents and strengths
  • Increases individual and team productivity because people are happy and engaged at work
  • Leads to measurable increases in revenue and profit

Feel free to contact me, through my site, by email to, or by phone at 0467-358-148 (Australia), if you would like to learn more.

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