Well, it’s Wednesday morning here now, and I’ve my second two-hour Japanese workshop for my week this afternoon. So I just finished up my homework. Part of my homework was a second time that I’ve had to ask some questions to a Japanese friend (which thankfully I have a really nice one who is willing to help me out) and then rewrite her responses into a certain grammatical form for reporting something that someone has said (-と言っていました). So now that I’ve got that out of the way, just having my morning coffee, and decided that I wanted to share a few new things that I’ve got going in the past week or so.

One thing that I’ve really wanted to figure out was a really workable morning routine as far as exercise. I have my apple cider vinegar that I drink first thing, and I have my green breakfast smoothies (now with rolled oats, thanks to a suggestion from a really good friend of mine). But I hadn’t really had anything going as far as exercise.

Well, the other week I discovered an App for my phone – called “ManFIT” and it is a really well-designed app! I can set up notifications, and it has a “full-body fat-burning workout,” which I’ve been using as my easy routine for morning exercise every day now. It is just 20 minutes, and has a bit of stretching and a few cardio things (like jumping jacks). But mostly what I really love about it is the helpful notifications – and that is has some motivational music and a voice that helps you know what you’re doing, and counts down the last 5 seconds before you have a break, and then it congratulates you when you finish!

So if you were looking for something like that, I highly recommend it!

Other Benefits from the ManFIT App

Another really great thing is that the App has other more “body-building” routines on it too, and they are pretty simple, and none of them require equipment. I’ve been starting on them too. So every evening, around 8pm, I get a notification, and I’ve set it up, so that I do the Abs workout on Monday and Thursday, the Arms and Shoulder workout on Tuesday and Friday, and then the Chest workout on Wednesday and Saturday. So together with my full-body stretching routine in the morning, I’m expecting that with a little effort, diligence and consistency, it is going to slowly pay off in helping me to feel more energized and fit!

I’ll keep you posted!

Nice Meetup with a New Tutoring Client

Yesterday for me was a big day! After my Negotiation lecture at 9am, I met up with a new client for tutoring at 11am. She is a student, studying part-time a Bachelor of Business too. She is currently doing both Business Data Analysis and the Accounting for Decision Making courses this trimester! Honestly, I would feel a little overwhelmed doing both those courses at the same time too! They are both kind of heavy on maths and formulas. I’m pretty good at that kind of thing, but still, I could imagine balancing learning all that, and working would definitely be a challenge!

So anyway, it was really nice to connect with her, hear what she’s up to with her studies, and what she is looking to achieve and to see how I could support her in practicing the material for Business Data Analysis. It will also be a great opportunity for me to review the course material myself, as understanding statistics in business can actually be a very useful skill to have (and maintain).

Helping Out a Friend with Her Resume

After meeting up with some friends from Griffith Christian Students for lunch, I headed to the Library to meet up with another friend (my helpful Japanese friend actually) to take a look at her resume. She is looking to apply for either an internship or even a part-time job in some kind of HR role.

It was really nice to look over her resume, and give her a few tips on how to present the different experiences that she has had. It was really awesome actually to learn about some things she’s done over her years of study, especially the HR assistant and international marketing roles she had in a small vocational training school.

Really hope she gets something that really inspires her, as she comes near to the end of her degree.

Negotiation is Definitely A Stimulating Course

So then I had my Negotiation Workshop to cap off an awesome day on Campus!

I had submitted my Negotiation Plan for our dairy company workplace agreement negotiation, from the Management’s perspective. At our workshop, we were paired off with one of our fellow students who had written their plan from the Union’s perspective, and got to try out negotiating and arriving at a settlement on our new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

It was a really nice exercise actually, and together with my fellow student, we came up with a pretty nice settlement! When we had our debriefing session at the end, it seemed that we all came up with some really nice agreements, including some quite creative approaches to remuneration and wage increases based on training, and all sorts of things!

Of course, it was just a role-play, but I would say we all really got a lot out of the exercise.

Another Day is Upon Us! Carpe Diem!

Well, as I was saying, Wednesday morning is upon us. My morning routine has taken shape with my ACV, breakfast smoothie, morning routine of exercise and prepping for my day of studies ahead. Also, looking at writing a post for my blog to either share updates on things I’m learning, or things that I’ve already learned from my studies or from life, is a really great exercise in consistency!

Hope you enjoy my sharing. Feel free to leave comments in the form below, and I’d love to start a conversation with you. What do you do as your morning routine? Do you have some kind of daily routine of exercise that you follow that really works for you? I’d love to hear what you do!

Till then,






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