My Green Smoothie Recipe for Beginners (Like Me)

As I must admit in my title, I’m relatively new to green smoothies – or at least pretty new of late. I lived on a farm community for years that was definitely into health and growing their own food and all of that. They even make a green smoothie product that they sell at local markets in Sydney. But, for me right now, this is a new adventure figure out for myself a great green smoothie recipe for beginners like me.

So in this article, I just wanted to introduce you to the recipe that I’ve been following for the past while now. It is relatively simple, but it has definitely really made me feel great in my day and satisfied for long into the afternoon. I use a household Nutribullet blender, and I calculated my ingredients for each smoothie cost me about $3 a pop. So without any further ado, let’s get to introducing what I do.

1. Nutribullet Blender

I got my Nutribullet Blender for just $65 on eBay (I’ve provided you with a link there that will take you to where the same deal is available again), delivered to my local Post Office, free postage. It arrived within just a few days, and I could get right to it with making my breakfast smoothies! There are probably other options out there for blenders, but Nutribullet seemed good for now, as it was really a relatively small investment towards my health and time efficiency in my mornings. Feel free to find what works best for you and what is most readily available to you.

2. Tuskan Kale for My Greens

Initially, when I got my Nutribullet, I actually hadn’t bought any “greens” per se, so I ended up using some broccoli that I had bought for dinner. But then from day 2, I made sure I bought some organic Tuskan Kale from Woolworths. It was about $4 for a healthy bunch that will last me about a week and a half, I reckon. I just fill up my jug half full of finely chopped greens. Kale is known to be a super-food and highly nutritious. There are other alternatives you could go for, such as spinach or silverbeet.

3. Mix of Fresh Berries

I really like berries! For my smoothie, I use a blend of fresh blueberries (just a couple of flat tablespoons) and one big fresh strawberry that I cut up a little, just to speed up the process of blending. Blueberries in particular are known for being rich in antioxidants and vitamins. There are probably other fruits you could use too, such as banana or even avocado if you wanted. I’ve been pretty happy with the result with my strawberry and blueberry combo.

4. Walnuts and Hemp Seed Powder

So to add a bit more of a protein enrichment to my green smoothie, I decided to throw in some fresh walnuts, as they are really great for your brain too and nutrient rich. Also, they are very sustaining. The other exciting thing I decided to add was a teaspoon of Macro’s Hemp Seed Powder, which is not only protein, but rich in Omega oils and fiber too which really helps to keep you regular.

5. Yoghurt and Coconut Milk

Finally, for my more liquid part of my smoothie (especially as the Nutribullet requires a liquid component for its blades to function properly) I throw in a couple of tablespoons of Greek Yoghurt, and then for now I’ve been using coconut milk powder (which come in 50g bags) to which I just have to add 200mls of water, for it to make it up into coconut milk. I’m considering switching it out to almond milk, which I do like too (I used to drink my coffee pretty regularly at home with almond milk).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I usually squirt in a little honey to just make it that extra nice!

Now It’s Your Turn!

So what do you think? Does that sound like a workable recipe?

  • Nutribullet Blender
  • Tuskan Kale
  • Fresh berries
  • Walnuts and Hemp Seed Powder
  • Yoghurt and Coconut Milk
  • A little honey

Why not give it a go? I’d actually be really excited to hear if you have any suggestions and ideas for variations on the theme, or even something completely different if it works for you. My big goal with this was to provide myself with a really nutritious breakfast alternative that was quick and easy to make, and was relatively cheap too.

So now it’s your turn!

Are you wanting to get into healthy smoothies too? It seems like the same  good quality Nutribullet Blender is available at the reasonable price that it was earlier, and it comes with free delivery to anywhere in Australia. It really has been an amazing addition to my life, and together with buying fresh kale, berries, yoghurt, walnuts, hemp powder and all that, I’ve been having some nutritious breakfast smoothies that keep me going through the day.

You can click on the picture below, and it will take you to it on eBay. Obviously I highly recommend this blender for your breakfast smoothies. Not only can you look at what I wrote in my earlier post as a guide for what you might want to do with it, but it actually comes with a pretty nice guide book that has all the care instructions, as well as a bunch of different recipe ideas too.

So if you’re interested in acquiring the same Nutribullet Blender that I got on eBay, at a very reasonable price and free delivery within Australia, then check out this link here.

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  1. Hey, nice healthy recipe for a quick and beneficial smoothie. Also like the idea of the Bullet blender that doesn’t cost too much. Amazing how full a good veggie/fruit smoothie can make you feel. What’s great is that by adding a few things, and deleting a few things you can provide a lot of variety to the taste, and to the effects. Cheers.

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