On the Road to Discovering My Big Game

Key Person of InfluenceFirst up, I’d like to give a “shout-out” to a book that has definitely had an impact on my perspective towards life – Daniel Priestley’s Key Person of Influence. I received my copy in the mail about a month ago, devoured it within a few days (it really isn’t a long book even). I’ve been wanting to get back to it again, as I know that already within a month or so of having read it, that things have moved forward in my life and so I know that it will only be all the more relevant. The analogy that I’m going to be using to describe my experience of late, being on the road to discovering my big game, has drawn heavily on themes from this book. I definitely highly recommend this book.

Find the Key Person of Influence Book here on Amazon: Key Person of Influence (Revised Edition): The Five-Step Method to become one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry

Entering into the Running

So here I am now (July 2018) at about the half-way point in my degree, and my vision is getting clear for where I am, where I’ve been so far, and most importantly, where I’m going – and actually more important than that, how I am going to win this game! Learning is such an awesome process and experience! It is definitely not a linear process, at least not a straight line anyway. It is always exponential.

With every step in this journey, you acquire insight and information that becomes the building blocks of what is yet to come. And so, as you take what you’ve already acquired into the next stage of your journey, you only find yourself connecting the dots more and more. Everything that you’ve acquired so far helps you to just get even more insight and understanding, more clarity and ability to communicate and share.

When I started my degree back in February of 2017, I wasn’t clear where I was going to go with it. To begin with, I started out studying online. But I had the strong feeling that needed to change. I still got Distinctions, but I knew that personally I would learn way better in a face-to-face collaborative setting. So the following trimester, I transferred to study in-person at Nathan Campus.

Life on campus as a student as compared to studying online was like day compared to night! I started to pick up my pace, and Distinctions became High Distinctions and soon I ended up achieving one award for highest mark in the Government-Business Relations course.

Getting in the RunningBeginning My Second Year

In my second year, I decided to add a whole new “project”, my Diploma of Languages in Japanese. I kept on seeing it advertised on campus until I jumped at it and enrolled. I ended up studying five courses last trimester! Reflecting back over the past four months, from the vantage point of having acheived five High Distinctions, including achieving 98.5% in Legal Issues for Managers – the highest result ever to be achieved in the course, I am excited to consider the quantum leap that my studies have taken. And more than that, I know that it was over those months that I’ve experienced a radical shift in mindset.

I definitely owe a lot to the friends that I made this year, especially one really good friend who was in both my Legal Issues and Organisational Behaviour courses. We formed a study group together, and through other friends we made, our group grew from two to four and then to seven! This was what I ended up dubbing (in our Facebook Messenger group chat) my Winner’s Club (and this same language of winners and winning carried over into our daily interactions). We all aced our Mid-Semester Test, having studied together. Then this same fellowship continued on in the rest of our course and our preparations for our final exams.

I know all my friends greatly appreciated my input into their study. But I also know that I really definitely appreciated the opportunity I had to share my learning together with them. It added a whole new level of motivation and accountability that you just can’t have (or at least, not so easily) when you’re on your own.

Learning the Rules of My Game

Kaizen, Japanese word for 'improvement'

Kaizen, the Japanese word for ‘improvement’, inspires me

So having been a student now for over a year and a half, I really look forward to the rest of this grand adventure. This “game” that I play for now is in twelve-week sessions (called trimesters at my University). Within these twelve-week sessions, there are assessment frameworks, and within this framework, I now look for ways to foster my Winner’s Clubs wherever I go.

Being a student is fun! I am continually open to exciting opportunities, meeting new people, learning new things that build upon what I’ve learned so far, and my vision is continually being expanded. The prize is not just good grades and a degree at the end; it is the awesome friendships and connections that I’m forming along the way.

I know that for now I’m growing to become a Key Person of Influence within the learning space here at Griffith University. As I view my life as an instrument to help others excel, I experience the feedback loop of other’s excellence and admiration of me propelling me onward, transcending what I thought were my limitations to ever-increasing excellence myself.

Like every “game”, along the way, we have little victories to celebrate! Every assessment is an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve gained thus far, and to celebrate our achievement. Of course, with every assessment/test, there is the opportunity to miss the mark too. But that is part of what makes it exciting! There is always the fear that one could over-stretch one’s self. But no one has ever achieved anything great by remaining in their comfort zone.

I’m encouraged to consider my “team”. Many of those who I have connected with are further along in their journey towards graduation than I am even. I want to give my energy to see them achieve their best too.

Adding a Whole New Dimension

I know now that, for me, achieving excellent grades is encouraging, and even helping others to achieve is great. But more than that, I’m excited to have my eyes open to a way higher possibility of not just doing all that despite my lack of a healthy lifestyle and diet – but now there is a way for me to support all that achievement with a sustainable way of taking care of my body even on a limited student budget.

So I know that I have so much value to offer in terms of academics, and even student networking. But then I also have so much that I’ve learned, and continue to learn, about doing all that with a healthy mindset and body – and how to do all that by “doing more with less,” what is called in “big words,” ephemeralization.

I encountered this term in R. Buckminster Fuller’s book, Critical Path, and really that is a whole other subject – but I believe that by applying that principle of mindfulness and of doing more with less, if that could be projected on a grand scale, it would honestly be revolutionary and world-changing!

Phew! Are you mind-blown yet?

What is Your “Big Game”?

So having shared a whole lot of my story and experience, and some of the insights that I’ve gained along the way in my journey, in coming to understand some of the rules of my “big game,” I just want to throw the ball back into your court now.

Ask yourself: “What is my big game?” I’m probably going to end up talking about this in another post soon enough. But just remember, it is not about what you do, or even how you do it. It is ultimately mostly about why you do what you do; or to put it another way, why do you exist? What is your purpose?

Let me help you.

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  1. Congratulations on your success!. I took an online course years ago a could not find the motivation to finish. I, too, do much better classroom settings.

    I remember reading a B. Fuller many years ago, but I forgot which one. It seems that society has completely forgotten Mr. Fuller. I wonder why that is.

    I think that the key to becoming a person of influence is to be really, really helpful. Then people will continue to come to you for advice.

    • Steven Pidgeon

      August 3, 2018 at 8:08 am

      Very true. I actually encountered Buckminster Fuller for the first time through the Global Entrepreneurship Summit where as a part of the Summit, they were launching the World Game, based upon Fuller’s concepts. After the Summit, I did some research into his story. Found the Critical Path was his last work that kind of summed up his ideas and philosophy and about 2/3 of the way through the book, and just getting to the part where he is beginning to lay out his future vision that he wrote back in the 80s. The earlier part of the book is actually a lot about his ideas about man’s early history, and its kind of radical but definitely very thought provoking and insightful.

      So, yeah, maybe the world en masse has forgotten B. Fuller, but the Entrepreneurship Movement is bringing his ideas back in full force, which is really cool. 

  2. Hey Steven:

    Thank you for such an enjoyable read. Yours is a lovely mindset — that openness to learning and the need to then take all that head-stuff and apply it towards helping other people is a great direction to take, I think.

    The thing about being a “person of influence” is basically one of other people’s perception, I think. If other people know that you care about their well-being and that you’ve taken the time to learn about the different, possible ways of walking, then it seems to me that they will come to you when they are looking for answers. One day you look up and, gee-wow, you are a “person of influence” and a go-to guy who knows stuff.

    I do think that knowing how to show that you care about other people’s situations is a big one.

    • Steven Pidgeon

      August 7, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      Thanks! I really want to make content that is both enjoyable and informative.

      And it is true, that it is not like influence is the thing to be aiming for. It is more just about extending the reach that my sharing can go, and as people appreciate that and even respect the content based on the fact that I’m walking the talk, so to speak, then it will just naturally grow into becoming an influencer and a thought-leader.

      Had a great time yesterday morning with an initial session with a new tutoring client. I really appreciate hearing what other people are doing, and how I could help them in achieving their goals. It is a really satisfying thing to be able to do that.

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