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Tutoring for Griffith University Business Students

Here are the core Businesses courses that I offer tutoring for:

  1. Introduction to Business Law (98.5%, highest result ever in the course)
  2. Business Data Analysis – High Distinction
  3. Government-Business Relations – High Distinction
  4. Work & Employability – High Distinction
  5. Economics for Decision Making 1 – Distinction
  6. Accounting for Decision Making – Distinction

I also offer tutoring in the following HRM subjects:

  1. HRM Principles – High Distinction
  2. Organisational Behaviour – High Distinction

So if you need a bit of extra support and friendship, feel free to drop me a line (either phone or email is fine).

Let’s meet up at Café Rossa for a coffee, and a chat, so we can get an idea what kind of support you require, and what would work best for both of us. All this will cost you is an hour of your time – initial consultation is completely free! Once we discover what you’re needs are and how I can help, I offer tutoring at $20 a hour.

So if this sounds like something you would appreciate, and you enjoy the content on my site, and want to receive the benefit of this kind of input, then feel free to drop me a line (whether by phone or email) and we can arrange a time that suits us both to meet up for a coffee and discuss what would most benefit you.

Feel Free to Drop Me A Line

So just in case you can’t find my contact details easily, here is my phone number: 0467-358-148. My best email to reach me is: steven@pidgethink.net. You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram anytime!

Have a great day!




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  1. Jabril Athuman

    August 6, 2018 at 5:57 am

    A Great tutor explains things very well and helps you understand the content rather than give you the answer. would highly recommend.

    • Thank you so, Jabril! I was super encouraged to have met you last trimester in Legal Issues for Managers, and then in our P.A.S.S. session. Definitely, looking forward to keep in contact and further develop our friendship. Hope you’re doing well with your courses this trimester. You’re nearly finished your degree?

  2. Ravindu Pasdunkorale

    August 6, 2018 at 6:14 am

    A really great tutor and friend. He helped me understand the subject better and his input is always very helpful.

    • Thanks, Ravi! I really appreciated the time we all spent together in our Winner’s Club. Definitely know that it helped me too a lot having people that I could collaboratively learn with. Hope you’re doing well with your continuing studies this trimester. Keep in touch!

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