Did you see my post from a week ago about getting involved in my local community garden? Well, this week I got to visit the garden while a bunch of the folks involved were there, and so finally got to meet some of them in person. (Previous to this, I had just been in correspondence with someone on their Facebook page.)

So here is a bit of an update! I’m seriously looking forward to growing organic vegies! Especially with a group of like-minded local people. One of the older guys there is really into organics and permaculture, and I already get the feeling that I’m going to be learning so much being around him.

My Dinner Tonight was Extra Nice

After I got home, I pulled out my lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cabbage that I brought home from this afternoon’s foray.

I’m heading to Sydney on Tuesday, so I didn’t want to take too much fresh food home, that I wouldn’t be able to eat it before I go. But the salad was definitely a nice addition to my plate of brown rice, chick peas and roast vegies.

I cut up the cabbage moderately fine, and boiled it with just some sea salt and olive oil. It was really nice! Anything in the brassica family is a serious love for me! Honestly, when I get a bit more cabbage in my life, I’ll probably have a go at making some sauerkraut, or maybe even some Korean-style Kim Chi!

Community, Getting My Hands in the Dirt and Fresh Air

Honestly, you probably can not imagine how refreshing it was for me to be out there with the folks this afternoon. It was awesome how welcoming they were, and they gave me a bit of a tour around. I’m looking at becoming a member, which is just a small annual fee, and there is also the option to rent a little patch of my own, once again a very small annual price.

For now though, I’ll probably be happy just experimenting and working in with what they’ve got going in their common space. As they harvest stuff, they just collect it at a table, and at the end of the day, they just ask you what you’d like to take home. So it all gets shared around and nothing is wasted, of course.

Finally, a Serious Breather!

The amazing thing is that I got my Digital & Social Media Marketing background research for my Campaign Plan submitted. So I actually have about a week when I really don’t have to think about anything! (Not that I’ll probably ever take it that easy! Usually holidays are a bit hard for me in that way, as I’m always feeling like I’m wanting to do something towards my study. I’ll probably try to do a bit of Japanese practice…)

Tomorrow is the Griffith University Open Day. I’ll be there for part of the day as a Student Ambassador for the BusinessPLUS program, which I’m really stoked to a part of! Our University really is pretty awesome, and tomorrow it will mostly be people who are considering being a student of our University in the future. So really looking forward to sharing the joy!

Excited to Be Heading Home for a Few Days

So, as I was saying earlier, on Tuesday, I’ll be flying out of the Gold Coast, to visit my hometown of Sydney for a few days.

I’ll also be heading up to the Blue Mountains for a few days, to see some old friends there. I used to live in the Mountains for about three years. So it really is a place with a lot of good memories.

It will probably be a little chilly still, seeing as winter in the Mountains even sometimes sees a little snow?

I should probably take a look at the weather forecast to get some idea of what to expect!

Anyway, Just an Update!

Yeah, so mostly I wanted to share a little more of the developments with getting involved with the Community Garden. It really was so nice to be there today. Really looking forward to seeing how that develops. This would be especially great if I do end up moving onto campus next year (which I have been considering).

I’ll keep you posted on things as they develop, and soon enough, I’ll probably be writing from Sydney or the Mountains.

I’d love to hear from you!

Till then,






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