Just lately I upgraded from just a regular old Android ZTE phone to a Samsung S9, which was definitely a step up. It seems compared to my old phone, I definitely don’t have to worry so much about juggling space to fit apps and the camera is way better.

But you might ask what this has to do with the health benefits from drinking green tea? Well, it is actually kind of related – mostly because its August, and I have the Samsung Health app on my phone – and August is the Green Tea Global Challenge.

It actually seems to have more to do with walking every day, but the graphics for the Challenge at least invoke thoughts of Asian Green Tea, both on its cover image of jasmine green tea and in the actual challenge page itself, which I’ve screen-shotted and pasted here for your convenience.

Do You Drink Tea?

Are you a tea drinker? I do like coffee, but I really like tea. I drink English Breakfast tea pretty regularly, sometimes Earl Grey. The Green Tea I usually drink is Japanese Matcha.

I also drink Rooibos, a red tea from South Africa (which is also super healthy), Peppermint, I even have a Turmeric & Ginger infusion that is really nice too. So, yes, I drink tea quite regularly. I try to just have one coffee at the most in a day if I can help it. So when I have hot drinks later in my day, depending on the time and occasion, I could drink any one of these different beverages.

Green Tea is Loaded with Anti-Oxidants and Other Good Things

So back to green tea. You’ve probably heard of anti-oxidants, though it doesn’t quite feel like the major buzz-word that it was a little while back. Still, it is a beneficial thing that has backing in research. Green Tea isn’t obviously the only source of this benefit, but it is a nice one – and easy to prepare.

There are also many other bioactive substances in an infusion of green tea. Tea is rich in polyphenols that help reduce inflammation and can help protect against cancer too. Another powerful and beneficial substance found in Green Tea is EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), which has been shown to treat a wide variety of diseases.

There are also many good minerals to be found in green tea.

Green Tea Helps Your Brain to Function At Its Optimum

Of course, green tea does have caffeine like coffee, but just not the same concentration. So it can still give you a pick-up without those jittery effects that coffee may give you.

Green tea also has a substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier, and fights anxiety and helps to release dopamine and production of alpha brain waves.

Green Tea Helps with Weight Loss, Aids Peak Performance & May Ward Against Cancer

Another nice thing about green tea is it helps with weight loss too, by boosting your metabolism. It also heightens your energy levels. Also, as I mentioned earlier, because of the antioxidants, amongst other things, it can help ward against cancer. (By the way, not that I ever drink green tea with milk, but maybe it might come to you. It has been suggested in research that milk in your tea may reduce the benefit of antioxidants.)

Green Tea has been shown to aid against Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s, as well as reducing the risk of heart disease.

Ultimately, it has been suggested that green tea may allow one to live a long and healthy life!

So Why Not Try Some This August?

So if you haven’t tried green tea before, I would definitely recommend it. It has numerous health benefits, and it is also just a really pleasant hot beverage, having some similarities to the benefits of coffee, while being something different too. It is always good to try something new. And if you have already had green tea, why not leave a comment about how you feel about green tea. What benefits have you found in adding green tea to your life.

Also, one last thing! I really do love walking regularly. I don’t actually drive, so I regularly use public transport, and I do often end up choosing to walk places that maybe your average person would consider too far to walk! So this month of August with our Global Walking Challenge, hopefully I’ll be in good stead to do well. What about you? Do you like walking? Does it benefit you to walk every day? Maybe I’ll write another post about walking.

Till next time, happy tea drinking and walking! To your health!





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