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My Unexpected Revolutionary Tipping Point

Every one has those moments in their life where the crisis hits, that watershed moment where you have a choice that must be made, and which way you decide to go with determine so much of what is ahead. Often the powerful thing about such moments is that your past doesn’t automatically have to be your reference point for where you go from there. It can be a moment of revival, redirection.

The past few years of my life especially actually feel like a journey from one such point to another really. But this morning, I wanted to share with you what must be one of the latest ones for me. It was definitely unexpected and unplanned for, but how I embraced it made it truly a revolutionary tipping point – a key to unlocking my personal development towards so many deep desires that I have had for a long time.

My hope in sharing a bit of my story is that when that moment comes for you, that you could embrace it and make the choice that could set your path on so much a more awesome trajectory that you could have hoped for or imagined! Sounds too good to be true? Well, read on and see. This is me! Continue reading

About Steven

About MeHey, welcome to #Pidgethink!

All my life I’ve been passionate about learning. I can still remember when I had finished high school and was excited to go to University! I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life at that stage. I decided to study a Bachelor of Arts, and chose to major in Psychology and Sociology – two areas that were, and still are, a fascination to me.

Well, after nearly twenty years mostly working in hospitality, I have chosen to go back to Uni, this time studying my Bachelor of Business, major in HRM. I’ve also commenced my Diploma of Languages in Japanese this year, which is really challenging and interesting. So in the last two years as a mature age student, returning to study, I have learned so many things, and this is really what inspired me to want to find a way to pass on what I’ve learned to those who are on a simliar journey. Continue reading

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