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Writing a ILAC Answer for Business Law

I’ve been thinking that I want to write a brief guide for some more academic content, to share things that I’ve learned – and one of the biggest subjects where I really learned a lot was in the course “Legal Issues for Managers” (which has been revamped as Introduction to Business Law from this trimester, and now includes more content, if it really wasn’t already enough to pack into twelve weeks already). Well, it was one of the most stimulating courses that I’ve taken so far. Not only was it really interesting to learn about the Law, Contracts, Corporations Law and Agency, Employment Relations law and Anti-Discrimination legislation in the workplace. Due to the nature of the course’s exam (being open book) I was MORE organized than ever with my study notes! I also managed to achieve 98.5% in the course, which was reported as being the highest result in the course ever! So I definitely feel on that basis alone I have a bit of weight in offering some advice in writing an ILAC answer for Business Law.

So I could presume that you already know what ILAC means, but just in case, just a brief introduction. ILAC is an acronym for a certain structure used in writing up legal advice. We were told that it was industry professionals that were behind this methodology being taught to us in the course, and really I can see why. It really sets things out nicely.

  1. I – Issues – Where you state the particular issues that are involved in your hypothetical response, formed as questions to be answered by the end of your response.
  2. L – Law – Where you outline the legislation and case law involved in your response, with a brief label for each as to the basic legal principle drawn from it.
  3. A – Application – This is the biggest part of the answer, where, in essay form, you work your way, step by step, through the Law mentioned above, and explain the principles that they contain, and then apply the principles of the Law directly to the facts of your hypothetical.
  4. C – Conclusion – Here is where you go back and provide in brief an answer to your issues, including whatever procedures should be followed and available remedies.

So that’s the form in brief. Obviously, different types of Law will have a little different approach in terms of what kinds of issues you address and even what logical order you would follow. (In our course, we were given a Template to follow for Agency and Anti-Discrimination, as these were the main ILACs to be written in our final exam. So obviously pay attention to these, and then key your notes into these templates.) Continue reading

The Beginning of My Journey in Exploring Business Ethics

Today was a great day, and the end of a great week of studying. Already arrived at week four of my current trimester. (Here at Griffith University we study in blocks of twelve weeks, so that’s basically a quarter of the way to the end of another course of new learning.) So, this trimester I’m studying Digital & Social Media Marketing, Negotiation, Business Ethics & Corporate Governance, and Japanese 1B. As you could imagine, student life is already picking up towards those first major mid-semester assessments. Just finished my first online quiz for Japanese yesterday. On Sunday I have my Negotiation Plan for a negotiation between the management of a dairy company (that I have been assigned to represent) and the Union, looking to create a first-time Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. Then at the end of next week, before our mid-semester break, I’ve got my Research component (Situation Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Personas and Digital Challenge Assessment) as the basis for my Digital Marketing Campaign plan due at the end of my Digital Marketing course! Phew, so yeah, I’m a busy boy right now!

Well, getting back to today! Our workshop in Business Ethics and Corporate Governance was putting the finishing touches on the first module of our studies, looking at the basic theoretical frameworks of ethical decision-making. It is pretty philosophical, but I’m really glad for what I’m learning. It is definitely laying a good foundation from which I can begin exploring business ethics over the rest of the course, looking at various case studies. We’re going to be begin our investigation with the “AWB & Iraqi Oil for Food Scandal”. Honestly, its way more interesting than it might sound!

Why Business Ethics?

To some, the concept of “business ethics” is a contradiction in terms. However, as in any area of life, there are ways to conduct business while keeping ethical considerations in mind – and not just the money. Ethics itself is the study of morality, and delves into the realm of philosophy, considering what is the best rationale for determining what is right and wrong, what is the best decision to be made in any particular situation. Similar to the pluralist society that we live in, where there are many interests represented and power is to some extent decentralized, so there are many ethical perspectives that should be taken into account when making a decision in business that could impact on the society in which we live. Continue reading

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