There are so many things that I know have been of great benefit to me of late, different choices that I’ve made to finally embrace some basic common sense notions of life and wisdom that actually work. One of the key things that I knew that I needed to put into place early if I was ever going to succeed in achieving my ultimate goals was to adjust my whole sleeping routine. It seems kind of appropriate for a Pidgeon to be teaching you about Owls and Early Birds, right?

Well, ever since I was a baby (my mum told me) I was never one for sleep or eating for that matter. I always wanted to be doing stuff, always wanted to be where the action was. Well, combine that with a student lifestyle that doesn’t really require much discipline if I don’t want it to, and that can spell trouble! I’m definitely more naturally a night owl. I love to stay up late reading, playing games, watching movies. So it took a very concerted effort (and still does, to be honest, to some degree) for me to become an early bird! But I know that there are so many good reasons why I wanted to make the change – and why I reckon you should consider it too.

A Few Great Reasons to Change

Well, you could probably find countless pages about the benefits of waking up early, of getting a good night’s sleep. But I’ll share with you some best ones that I’ve found.

First up, I used to be very lacking in discipline when it came to eating (probably another throwback to my babyhood?) especially breakfast. Well, now, of course, I actually do the breakfast smoothie thing, which has been awesome! Especially since one of my friends suggested putting milled rolled oats. It is super sustaining.

So that takes a little time, so even for one who isn’t actually sitting down to eat, or especially if I was cooking, having a bit of extra time for breakfast would definitely be very beneficial, right?

I’ve actually discovered with the bigger jug on my Nutribullet blender, I can make enough for the second day too. It keeps really well, and actually, I could imagine having a day to just sit and soak in the fridge could even have its benefits (especially for the oats).

Increased Productivity

Every knows that time is pretty fluid, and I would say especially time in the morning actually can be the slowest (and thus able to fit so much more in). But that only works if you’re awake! Sleeping hours just zap away! Night can be kind of slow too, but often you still don’t feel like you get a lot done.

If you have a bit of extra time to just chill, work on your spirit, wake up – and especially if you have a bit of an agenda prepared before you head to bed (which I try to do, especially if I have places to be and travel), then it just makes you all the more productive.

There are awesome techniques too, in terms of productivity, where you can break up a bigger task into 20 minute tasks – and then push to complete just that (focus!) and then give yourself 5 minutes to do something else. Then get back to it again. I will probably write another post sometime on this.

Great Time for Exercise

This is a real plus too (especially if you put it into your agenda). I have a little 20-minute routine of exercise in the morning, and then I do another 20 minutes in the evening some time after dinner. This is another thing that I would never have imagined that I would have time to consistently devote to it. But I have, all based upon shifting my sleep, making an agenda to prioritize the important stuff.

I definitely feel way better for it!

How Does It Look?

Well, I could go on and on about the benefits, but they’re some big ones that I’ve experienced.

Now you might ask, what does that actually look like?

Well, I have an alarm that gets me up every morning at 5am. My phone actually starts a little music, and then speaks to me and tells me the temperature and how the weather is going to be!

I know this sounds heaps early, but honestly, it really starts to feel like the new normal pretty fast.

Then I work at getting to bed somewhere between 9 and 10pm. Sometimes I still do push it, but I’m pretty good at staying within that. I generally don’t give myself time to stay up later than 11pm now.

Compared to my post-midnight, wee-hours of the morning stuff that used to be pretty regular, this has made a quantum difference to my day!

So How Can It Look For You?

Well, now its up to you! I would recommend you do a little research of your own on what the benefits are of becoming an early bird too. Also, there are so many benefits of regularly getting a good night sleep. Also, for me, I have my Apple Cider Vinegar drink in the morning before my exercise. Also, got my greens and berry smoothie for breakfast.

I know that 5am starts might not work for you. Figure out what does work and start! Probably even more important than the early start is reining in the inner “night owl”.

I’d love to hear how your day looks! What would an ideal day look like for you? Leave a comment or drop me a line.

Till later,


P.S. Sitting here in Gold Coast Airport, about to fly to Sydney this afternoon. Pretty stoked for a Uni break! So next posts will probably be from Sydney or the Blue Mountains even.





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